Networking as a Highly Sensitive Coach

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March madness has made it’s way to our home it seems these days. Busy schedules, 7 days off from school, and event opportunities are all around us. We attended a “Brunch with the Bunny” event this week which was held at our local Community Center. A small gathering where we got to eat together, participate […]

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Health Fairs

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Health and wellness fairs are not created equally. Some events get great attendance with little engagement from attendees while smaller fairs can surprise with more active engagement. But here’s the harsh truth: engagement doesn’t matter. What matters is your Return on Energy. (Ok, ok, you know this phrase traditionally as your “ROI” or Return on […]

3 Ways to Make Writing Easier

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1. Write in your bra In our Writing Lab this month I wrote the entire two hours in my sports bra – with the video on! Why? Excellent question. I did it as playful reminder to not take ourselves so seriously while writing. So often we over think what we want to say. When this […]

7 Quick Tips to Get More People To Open Your Emails

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Hands up if you ever woke up thinking: “Oh crap, I really need to write a newsletter today. It’s been weeks.” Me too. For the past four years working with Highly Sensitive Coaches the subject of newsletters tends to be the ONE area in business that keeps us really overwhelmed and stuck. And once you […]