Networking as a Highly Sensitive Coach

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March madness has made it’s way to our home it seems these days. Busy schedules, 7 days off from school, and event opportunities are all around us.

We attended a “Brunch with the Bunny” event this week which was held at our local Community Center. A small gathering where we got to eat together, participate in an art activity and even enjoy an egg hunt.

Community done right, like this, makes my sensitive soul feel grounded.

It’s not just personal events that are popping into my schedule this Spring, but many business networking invitations are hitting my inbox as well. You too?

Networking can be a struggle for Highly Sensitive Coaches. The large crowd, intense (eager) energy and pushy salesmanship makes this a business activity we usually run from. We find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and become great at hiding out.

But the answer is not to simply “get visible.” The answer is to figure out HOW to network as a highly sensitive.

Your sensitive abilities make you a networking queen.
I know it doesn’t feel this way. I know it feels safer to stay at home in your PJs and only network online.

But when you can tap into how to network as a highly sensitive (v. how the other 80% of entrepreneurs network), it changes everything for your business.


So why does being a person with highly sensitive qualities actually make me a great networker?

Two main reasons:

  1. You have an innate ability to make deep connections quickly
  2. You are able to gain other people’s trust quickly

What these two reasons mean for you, as a highly sensitive coach going out to network, is that people will listen when you speak. They trust you. And you can walk away from events with genuine business connections that feel in true service to the person you connected with and equally helps you progress.

In other words, when you tap into your highly sensitive qualities when networking you do not come across “saleys” or “slimmy” at all. Other people perceive you as the genuine soul you truly are. Strong trust is created. Where there is trust, there is the ability for people to either want to collaborate with you or buy from you.


How do I network, in-person, as a highly sensitive without feeling totally overwhelmed?

Use what you’re best at – creating deep connections (and trust) quickly.

To do this, start with a reframe. Reframe what makes an in-person networking event successful. Stop thinking you need to “work the room”. In fact, if “working the room” is your definition of a networking success you’re more than likely going to fail – simply because that’s not playing to your strengths as a sensitive coach. Also, consider your in-person networking as meeting people one-on-one for tea or lunch v. only meeting people at large events.

With your sensitive reframe in mind, set a clear intention. For example, if attending a large event set an intention to connect with 3 new people. This allows you to use your sensitive abilities, not get overwhelmed and still connect deeply with individuals. It also releases networking pressure to “work the room.” Another example, if you prefer to meet people one-on-one, set an intention to meet up with 3 people this month.

When you get home, follow up immediately and if you can – send a resource, recipe or something that adds value to that person’s life/business based on your conversation.

This is what makes you a powerful networker. This is what sets you apart. This is what shapes strong relationships. And this is what can be a complete game changer for you in business.

The key is to get out of your house and get networking!

Remember – you don’t have to network like other coaches, you need to network in the way that’s best for you + your sensitive qualities.

To help you get started, do this today: identify 3 events to attend and register -or- identify 3 people you want to get to know better and email them an invitation to meet up. Then go, be yourself (and have fun)!

Here’s to opening up more doors to your future!




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