5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Health Fairs

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Health and wellness fairs are not created equally. Some events get great attendance with little engagement from attendees while smaller fairs can surprise with more active engagement.

But here’s the harsh truth: engagement doesn’t matter.

What matters is your Return on Energy. (Ok, ok, you know this phrase traditionally as your “ROI” or Return on Investment. Yes, that’s what I’m referring to here, but ROE runs much deeper than financials. As a Highly Sensitive Soul there is an energetic cost to every task we do – especially one that involves being around other people / noisy environment.)

After being involved in too many fairs to count as a health coach + planning a handful myself when I worked in universities I’ve learned the hard way how to get the most out of your experience.

Here are 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Health Fairs:

1) Do your research

Ask the event planner about numbers, what their marketing plan is and to provide a list of previous vendors (if available.) Find out if there are any speakers or break out rooms to determine if this is the right audience for you. If you can, I highly recommend attending a fair FIRST and then if it’s a good fit decide if you want to register for it the next year. Why delay?

If you take away nothing else from this article please ponder this fact: I found that simply attending fairs as a participant v. a vendor scored me more collaborative partnerships and potential clients because I was simply browsing and talking alongside others. Guards were down. We were all being real. AND this simply switch-a-roo saved me tons of prep hours, hundreds of vendor fees/supplies and low-vibration energy.

2) Get clear on what you’re selling

You have a lot to offer. I know that. But here’s the thing – if people come to your table and you rattle on about all 5 different program options and the MLM products you sell and yada, yada, yada – you will lose them. The most lucrative health fairs I did were ones I lead with only ONE message + program + freebie that all related.

Eating for Energy was a big focus one for me. So when people asked what I did – it was all “increase energy” lingo. The program I discussed was my proprietary “Eating for Energy” program. The freebie I offered if they were intrigued to learn more – “Eating for Energy” mp3 + Eating for Energy Food guide.

Clear pathway. Clear language. Polarization = more effective at fairs because you only want to spend time talking with people that resonate with your approach anyway.

3) Be colorful

Literally. Wear something that is not an earth tone. For the love of all that’s holy print your print information on something bright. Make your booth vibrant, bright, bold and colorful.

I did an experiment two years ago. I went to as my health, wellness and women fairs I could in my local area. I came home and put all the handouts on my white rug. I kept adding to my pile of papers with each fair. I kid you not – out of these 10+ fairs I attended there were only two – 2 pieces of paper that stood out!

With well over 200 handouts was shocking.

One was hot pink and the other had bold colors + some blocks of black on a white piece of paper. Every other piece was muted earth tones. It was staggering to see. So even if your brand is earth tones – jazz it + your booth up for the fair somehow while staying integrity with your brand.

4) Ask for the mic

One of the best PR you can get at a fair is the mic. Getting the keynote or breakout room mic provides you the opportunity to connect with participants on a deeper level. It makes your expert status rise.

If you do this, just make sure your table is covered by someone who can represent yourself + business exceptionally well (ehem, this may not be loving partner…). Consider fellow health coaches, past/current clients and/or hiring a sales professional to assist for the day.

5) Prioritize follow up

Your role in a health fair doesn’t stop the second you get home and unpack. It’s actually where things begin. This is where you get to start shaping the relationship between you and your potential clients.

And there’s a small window to make this happen. Think about it – people attend a fair. They get excited. If they talk with you and sign up for what you offer – they really want to hear from you. They trust you will follow up.

Remember those 10+ fairs I attended two years ago? After ALL those fairs I got….wait for it…one follow up. One. Well, technically two. One was 3 days after the fair by email (and none after that) and the second one was three weeks ago THIS YEAR. I wish I was joking. And what really upset me was that I wanted certain professionals to follow up with me because I was genuinely interested in their services.

If you attend a fair, make it your #1 priority to follow up with everyone no more that 48 hours after the fair. Yes, I know you’ll be exhausted. So plan ahead – clear your schedule the week afterward, create some email templates to plug-and-play your individual emails and remember – people are expecting + excited to hear from you. You’re not nagging them.

Do you need to host / buy a table at a Health Fair to gain potential client leads? No.

But if you do decide to explore health fairs – apply these 5 tips. They will really help your ROE.

What has been your experience with health fairs? Any other tips you’d like to share?

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