3 Ways to Make Writing Easier

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1. Write in your bra

In our Writing Lab this month I wrote the entire two hours in my sports bra – with the video on!

Why? Excellent question.

I did it as playful reminder to not take ourselves so seriously while writing.

So often we over think what we want to say. When this happens we end up not sending out a newsletter because we’re confused on what to write about and since we haven’t written in weeks or months the act of writing a newsletter feels like it will take days to complete.

Writing becomes easier the more you do it. It’s like any other habit you create. What topics you select and how you write today will be very different from what you focus on and how well you write in the future.

Aligned Action: Get writing. Right now. Today. Make it a regular task within your business. And if writing in your sports bra helps you get the job done – then go for it! Nobody needs to know.

2. Talk It Out

As highly sensitive coaches we have the tendency to live in our heads processing information and circling through endless ideas, thoughts and feelings.

This clogs the energies in our Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra leaving us more indecisive, non-creative, afraid of success and meek (hiding out).

Externally processing information is practical way to help us create a positive shift in these energy fields. The act of “talking it out” helps us move from “idea mode” to written action.

“Talking it out” can’t just happen with anyone. The person you decide to process with has to be 1) a good listener, 2) a good summarizer and 3) have the courage to share what is keeping them engaged and what’s making them drift off…Most times by taking this proactive, practical step you’ll start to hear exactly where you’re clear and where you need to dig deeper.

Aligned Action: Before writing your next newsletter (or project), reach out to another highly sensitive coach (or) friend to see if they’d be open to talking with you for 20 minutes.

3. Be Imperfect

Let go of thinking your writing has to be perfect before you can share it. Trust yourself. You will get better at this whole “writing thing” one day at a time. The quickest way to write awesome copy is to get writing, consistently..(<—see that extra period? It happens.)

Imperfection is real. It’s genuine, authentic and what people really want to read. And although it might feel counter intuitive – showing your vulnerabilities makes people like you more because they see you’re human side.

Aligned Action: Write something everyday. Start with 20 minutes and expand from there. Make it a game (games are WAY more fun!) If today your newsletter took three hours to write – GREAT! It’s done. You did it. Next week try to get it down to only 2 hours. Celebrate your wins and Just.Keep.Writing.


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  1. Jill says:

    Great suggestions Lisa. All that I REALLY need to read, read again, post on my wall and keep within my vision at all times until I make this a regular habit. But oh, so many wonderful shiny distractions. 🙂

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