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There are two kinds of people running businesses today – Highly Sensitive People and everyone else.

Sounds a bit much, I know. But it’s true.

I have been working with highly sensitive coaches for 3 years through private business coaching, group programs and my Holistic Mastermind Groups. (I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, have a BA in Communications & Leadership Studies and MS in Higher Education if those details interest you.)

I see first hand everyday how traditional business and marketing advice are shattering your sensitive coaching confidence and ruining your ability to succeed.

On the other hand, I also have the good fortune to see coaches with huge success simply by embracing their unique highly sensitive qualities so they can work for their business growth instead of keeping them stuck, overwhelmed and broke.

If you’re a highly sensitive person there are three main areas you need to focus on in order to thrive that isn’t even on anyone else’s radar in the industry: Energy Management, Intimate Community, and Consistency.

As a highly sensitive person myself, I have built a business that works brilliantly for me. (If money matters, my most financially successful month to date has been $21K).

Now I help other highly sensitive coaches build a business that works for them + their life.

But I had to learn this all the hard way.

My first business, I ran an international health coaching practice. Growing this business, I got so wrapped up in all the things I “should” be doing, I was totally blind to the special requirements of myself as a business owner because I was a highly sensitive person.

I didn’t  know it at the time, but this meant a lot of what gets taught about how to market and grow a business is the absolute worst thing I could do for my sensitive nature.

I didn’t realize it until that conference weekend…

I flew half-way across the country to attend one of the prominent, business conferences in the health coaching industry that “everyone” was going to.

I had my VIP front row tickets so off I strolled to grab my seat in a conference room packed with 200+ coaches. The room was huge, cold, bright…AND. THEN. THE. MUSIC. started blaring. Everyone jumped up, started dancing and screaming as the two mentors made their way through the crowd like celebrities.

After just two days of this – two days of trying to fit in; two days of crazy chaotic energy, zero downtime and learning some of the coaches sharing “success stories” on stage were lying…

…It. Happened.

I burst into tears. Not the simple “roll down my cheeks” kind of tears, either.

No, it was the full on “my face looks like I was beat up” kind of sobbing…

The harder I tried to control my tears, the more the flowed.

So I ran out of the conference room, went back to my hotel room where I hid all night and cried uncontrollably.

As I dove face first into my pizza that night (thank goodness for room service!), I kept thinking: “What the hell is wrong with me?”

Why am I “resisting” what they’re teaching?

Why do I HATE being at this big conference?

Why doesn’t this business “stuff” feel right to me?

Why does building my business seem so. damn. hard?


In that moment, I decided I had to figure this out, no matter what (because closing my business was not an option).

So, I flew home. Clueless as to how I’d actually figure this out. But determined.

A few months later, the answer found me: I’m a highly sensitive person which means…

  • I am easily overwhelmed.
  • Other people’s moods affect me.
  • I am aware of subtleties in my environment.
  • I get bothered by loud music or other intense stimuli.
  • I find it hard to function with a lot going on at one time.
  • I try hard to avoid making mistakes.
  • I get rattled with a lot to do in a short amount of time.
  • I feel so frazzled sometimes, I need to have alone time to recharge.

Sound familiar?

Everything transformed when I started to use my highly sensitive qualities in support of my business growth rather than against it. To do this, it has meant ditching all the popular business advice I spent years and thousands of dollars learning, stepping away from those BIG conferences, and learning new ways of being an entrepreneurial coach – because this is a crazy, unique combo.

As highly sensitive coaches we plan differently, we process differently, we market differently (yes, different than what is being taught in all the fancy online marketing programs), and we make decisions differently.

We require unique energy management, an intimate community and consistency.

Yet nobody is talking about this with health coaches!

Until now.

As a highly sensitive coach myself, I get it. There’s a lot to juggle (in business AND life) and most business + marketing information requires us to throw our sensitive qualities into a drawer and be someone we’re really not. These trainings actually work against our business growth which is why some coaches eventually close up shop completely (even though they “tried everything and nothing worked”).

I am now on a mission to teach coaches how to use your highly sensitive qualities to work for your business growth instead of keeping you stuck, overwhelmed and broke. I want you to build a business that works for you.
Are you a highly sensitive coach looking to build business in a way that works for you? Set up a complimentary “Sensitive Business Breakthrough” phone session with me today to talk about your sensitive qualities and what’s really been getting in the way of creating the business of your dreams. You’ll get at least one strategic business idea to start your sensitive business makeover, and we’ll see if we’re the “right” fit.


A little bit more about me

I love traveling, culinary adventures and chic flicks. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, lounging in my hammock, reading books, meditation, all things “woo-woo” and dark chocolate. I have a green drink everyday and my favorite “adult” drink is George Dickel 12 on the rocks. I live in Bay View, WI with my amazing husband and energetic son. Life is fabulous!