Photo: Lisa SarnowskiI am on a mission to liberate personal truth in health and wellness coaches so they can lead healthy, wealthy and happy lives while making a big impact in the world. I believe business is not complicated; it just takes learning how to simplify your success through leveraging your personality in order to grow a profitable, sustainable business.

As a solopreneur myself, I know how difficult it is to run a one-woman show while waiting for success and fulfillment to arrive. As the founder of my own international health coaching business for three years, I have experienced many bumps and bruises on my way toward creating the business and life of my dreams.

The two main shifts to my business success happened while I was pregnant.

  1. First, with my body demanding more energy, I had to start saying “NO.” (Something a Highly Sensitive Persona + High-Achieving Perfectionist found extremely difficult). Yet, the ‘no’ muscle was so powerful I worked 60% less while my bank account rose by 48%. Go figure.  That’s when I realized: By taking exceptional care of yourself, you take exceptional care of your business. The key questions to begin exceptional care reveal your core being: who are you and what do you need? (HINT: It’s NOT balance!)
  2. Second, I was was working with successful business mentors who provided entrepreneurial marketing and business training, tips, and tricks. While the community and training were instrumental to my growth, I did not gain much business traction because the recommendations did not accentuate my strengths which left me overwhelmed, unfulfilled and broke.   That’s when it dawned on me: What if I shaped my business 100% around me, just being me? 100% Authentic Lisa.

With these two core shifts I started to see my old, struggling self in other health coaches who were reaching for more high-level business training when I knew what they really needed was something very different – they needed to find their voice within the wellness industry’s noise, create a personalized focused business strategy and take serious action with more accountability.

Now, I’m on a mission to ignite the spark of action within health and wellness coaches.  Then powered with that knowledge – learn how to simplify business marketing.

Business today is about the power of YOU. Especially as a health and wellness coach.

If you’re ready to find out who you’re really meant to serve so you can connect with more clients and feel more fulfilled then contact me today for a private 30-Minute “Holistic Business Assessment” Strategy Session.


A little bit more about me

I love traveling, culinary adventures and chic flicks. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, reading non-fiction, meditation, pilates, and eating lots of dark chocolate. My favorite beer is Guinness (sorry, Milwaukee!) and I have a green drink everyday. I live in Bay View, WI with my amazing husband and energetic son.

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Bonnie Chase
The women in Holistic Mastermind combined with Lisa’s wisdom has helped me to find my voice and to expand my vision of what is possible in my business.
Erin Harner

Erin Harner

You’re open, candid, and guide me to be who I really am in my life and my business.
Cheryl Ramsey
With Lisa, I started putting myself out there, starting blogging and learned how to effectively start marketing my cleanse.