Photo: Lisa Sarnowski

Hi. I’m Lisa Sarnowski. In case we don’t know each other that well yet, allow me to share two quick truths about why I am so passionate about working with you (a highly sensitive health coach):

Truth #1:

For years I was a stressed-out health coach. I was teaching other women how to gain outrageous energy, curb cravings and live a happy life while I was living my life isolated in my home office, disconnected and on the verge of burn-out. I felt like a fraud and didn’t know why. I hated that feeling.

Truth #2:

I got so overwhelmed with what I “should” be doing to grow my health coaching business I lost sight of my true self. I invested in all the popular home study guides, private business VIP Days, the BIG conferences and BIG, expensive Group Programs, and implemented all those  “simple” online marketing systems. Yet, all the marketing felt fake and forced. And because nothing ever felt right, I always felt like something was “wrong” with me. My confidence was shattered.

My life transformed when I started to use my highly sensitive qualities in support of my business growth rather than against it. To do this, it meant ditching popular business advice. It meant doing more soul stretching and personal development. It meant getting more vulnerable and letting go of perfectionist traits. It meant taking care of myself. It meant learning the power of sisterhood.

As highly sensitive coaches we plan differently, we process differently, we market differently (yes, different than what is generally being shared in all the fancy online marketing programs), we make decisions differently, we require unique energy management, and we need to follow through more.

Yet nobody is talking about this with health coaches!

Until now.

I am on a mission to teach health coaches how to use your highly sensitive qualities to work for your business growth instead of keeping you stuck, overwhelmed and broke.

I have been working with highly sensitive coaches for 3 years through private business coaching, group programs and my Holistic Mastermind Groups. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, have a BA in Communications & Leadership Studies and MS in Higher Education.

I believe your sensitivity is your biggest business asset.

The world needs more highly sensitive coaches.

The world needs YOU.

If you’re ready to find out who you’re really meant to serve so you can connect with more clients and feel more fulfilled then contact me today for a private 30-Minute “Holistic Business Assessment” Strategy Session (value $97).

This session is entirely focused on you and your unique business needs. You will walk away with understanding exactly where you need to focus your business time and energy in order to move closer to your BIG vision goals. Should you invest in that other DFY program or home-study guide? Where are the gaps in your marketing plan? What do you need to release and what do you really need to own to propel forward? Should you even be doing this whole “business” thing?

As a highly sensitive coach myself, I get it. There’s a lot to juggle (in business AND life) and there’s a lot of business/marketing information that is not honoring our sensitive qualities. They’re actually taking us further and further away from our core. Let’s connect to see what’s best for you (because what’s best for you is what’s best for your health, your clients, your family and for me).


A little bit more about me

I love traveling, culinary adventures and chic flicks. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, lounging in my hammock, reading non-fiction books, meditation, and dark chocolate. I have a green drink everyday and my favorite “adult” beverage is George Dickel 12 on the rocks. I live in Bay View, WI with my amazing husband and energetic son. Life is fabulous!